Being the creative sort, I recognized a good idea when I saw one, and the figurative light bulb suddenly turned on! This cluttered mass of paper was the answer. Organizing these thousands of pieces of paper into a coherent stream of visual consciousness would be a chore, but it would be the way to help myself and our family.

Then the really big idea was hatched: to create cookbooks with information and inspiration, including a blog to share memories, stories and our Mama’s treasured recipes.

And so... Mama's Treasured Recipes, cookbooks and website were born. My sisters and I hope you enjoy our creation, and labor of love! 
​I'm a woman of many tastes, talents and abilities. I am akin to a jack of all trades, first as a music major (voice), a copywriter, then a loving wife, proud mother, and caretaker of over seventy-five animals, a gift shop owner, a licensed interior designer, a budding screenwriter, and now an ecookbook author/website team leader.

Welcome to my new world...I hope my journey will inspire you to create one of your own but more than anything, I hope it will show you that people do still care about people. I care about you. Step-up, stand tall, cook your way toward happiness and treasure yourself.

Love, Mary Lynn
Queen...Speech/Language Pathologist and Comic Relief…Yes, I am the one, the only one that keeps the other two on their toes.  I have been known to rule with an iron fist, which comes equipped with lace, satin and a powder puff, and that is the reason, Mary Lynn and Terie Beth lovingly call me “the Queen”. 
Unlike Mary Lynn and Terie Beth, the creative juices don’t flow as rapidly through my veins as they do through theirs.  When they told me I had to write about myself,  I almost passed out.  How could I write about being a Queen when I have no blue blood running through my veins?  It was almost like digging for oil, I prayed I wouldn’t hit a dry hole. 

Growing up, I was the tomboy of the two.  I could out run, out kick and out jump every boy in town.  When they didn’t play football according to my rules, I picked up the football, tee and went home.  Yes, I was the one with the only basketball goal and football on the block.  Queen sorta came naturally. The boys finally wised up and bought their own balls but you know men; it takes them a while to catch on.
When Terie Beth and I weren’t out on our “cars”, (bikes), we were terrorizing Mary Lynn. Some might say she terrorized us by plucking out our eyebrows, turning our blonde hair orange; but if she said “jump”, we said “how high”? We didn’t want to miss going out on Saturday night and making the Park Avenue drag” with all the other older teenagers”.  How many sisters took their younger sisters out with them?  Not any I knew about. We were Mary Lynn’s novelties, her port in a storm and still are. 
No one could have been a better big sister than Mary Lynn.  I hope she knows that she was one of the key figures, besides Mama and Daddy, that helped Terie Beth and I become who we are today... Strong Texas Women.

Our cookbook is filled with treasured recipes from family, friends and the” town without a toothache”, Hereford, Texas.  Queens aren’t known to cook but this Queen can and does.  Now that I have contributed my two cents, I need to get back to my Queenly duties.  Enjoy and treasure yourself.

Love, Mona Gale
I’m the artist sister, graphic designer and quasi computer guru. The truth is we’re the dearest of friends who grew up together from childhood. We’ve done lots of crazy things, like playing “horse”, galloping down the dark streets of our neighborhood under a blanket. I was the butt of the horse, of course, since I was the shortest (or so I was told!) There was a continuous stream of fabulous home cooking, the love of family and the close ties of sisterhood.

After high school and college, kids and jobs, I am now at a place I like to call the “what-I-want-to-do-when-I-grow-up” part. I believe growing up in a small town gives you enormous gumption for facing the world head on and shouting “I-can-do-anything!”...which brings us to this project!

As an artist, I love the creative makes life so enormously fun and exciting, challenges and all! So when my sisters said, “Let’s build a website and sell ecookbooks!”, I said “Why not!” What a wonderful experience to work with family to create a place where women can come together, sharing experiences, time honored traditions and recipes. I could have never done this without being Phil’s wife, Alexann’s mom, Ed and Ann’s daughter, and Andrew and Ethel’s granddaughter!  
Mama's Treasured Recipes is a sure-fire self-help resource for troubled relationships, failed marriages and people struggling to regain their life and dignity after the shock of a radical and heartbreaking life-style change. 

Mama's Treasured Recipes is a humorous, interactive website and blog for those who have been dumped by either their husband or significant other. It provides a platform for dialogue during this life altering situation, and will encourage one to vent frustrations, to share true stories, and then help one to move forward with their lives. We offer helpful and alternative ways for you to regain your self reliance and confidence within a community.
I just know you will love our ecookbooks--mixtures of unforgettable recipes, words of wisdom, flavored with our special “Texas” anecdotes and created especially for you, from us, Three Texas Sisters! 

Love, Terie Beth
I like to think of myself as the glue that holds people and projects together. I help folks or things become who or what they are meant to be. Think of me as your favorite cheerleader, trusted confidant and friendly self-help guru.

If there's a fire, I run toward it to see what I can do to help. I've always been that way. I learned it from the best, my wonderful mother and father, Gib and Eleanor. My sisters and I grew up in small ranching and farming community in the Texas Panhandle populated with typical small town folks.

Only our town wasn't typical. It was a-typical and filled with people who loved and genuinely cared about one another. People who would give you the shirt off their back. People who also cared

The three of us are also a-typical. I'm the oldest, and I dare say, the wisest. I was blessed to have Mona and Terie Beth there for me when my life unexpectedly fell apart after thirty four years of marriage, and it was natural for me to ask for their help once I began the unpleasant task of putting my life back together. 


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Our Story 
The idea for Mama's Treasured Recipes began in my mother's kitchen. My sisters and I had been visiting Mama and were gathered around the cook top island, munching on barbecued sandwiches, bemoaning my unexpected and heartbreaking divorce. We wondered how on earth I was going to survive... especially financially. As a freelance interior designer there was only so much money I could make on an hourly basis. I needed a second or even a third income. We were getting nowhere fast, when Mona happened to open gigantic recipe drawer stacked to the top with recipes from family and friends, literally a sixty year hodgepodge collection.

Bob, my loyal and loving grey wolf
Cook your way toward happiness... and Treasure Yourself!
So, from us, the 3 Texas Sisters,
 “Cook your way toward happiness, and treasure yourself”!